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BLE Asset Tracking and Employee Tracking

Monitor, map and track assets and employees for just $14.20 per year


BLE Asset Tracking

Do you know how many assets your company has? What condition they’re in or where they’re located? Who or what department is using them? Mobile asset tracking is a critical component of effective resource allocation. BLE Asset Tracking software makes monitoring and reporting easier for you and your organisation.BLE Asset Tracking - Hospital

How it Works

LeashView’s RTLS identifies and tracks assets in a specific area in real time. LeashView can tell managers instantly the location of tagged items, whether tagged items are machines, people, packages, or specialised machinery.

This works by attaching a BLE Leash to the item you would like to track. When the Leashes move, they send out signals to gateway receivers strategically placed throughout the facility. The gateways relay all the Leash locations via existing Wi-Fi to the central server, which can be in the cloud or locally based in your facility. The locations of the Leashes are then displayed on the facility floorplan in the LeashView platform.
BLE Asset Tracking - Floor plan

Monitor and manage employees and assets for $14.20 per year

BLE employee and asset tracking is fast becoming the go to solution for business wanting to monitor and manage employee and assets inside a multi-story building or an entire site and cost a fraction of the costs of many other tracking solutions.

Cost Examples:


QuantityItemUnit Cost Inc GSTTotal Cost
125BLE Asset Tags$16.50$2062.50
50BLE ID Cards$24.95$1247.50
Total hardware investment$5375.50

Annual Subscription Software

QuantityItemUnit Cost Inc GSTTotal Cost
25Gateway Subscription$14.20$355.00
125BLE Asset Tag Subscription$14.20$1775.00
50BLE ID Card  Subscription$14.20$710.00
Total Annual Subscription$2840.00

Case Study

Car Yard





Accuracy and Frequency
Every LeashView beacon is equipped with an powerful and highly-sensitive bluetooth transmitter for the best tracking and positioning results. Track mobile assets in real-time and get accurate timestamps.

LeashView enables you to track and locate any beacon-equipped subject of interest on a map.

Innovative bluetooth technology in combination with our powerful software architecture gives you essential insights into asset location and customer behaviour.

Battery / Maintenance
Every LeashView beacon comes with a powerful lithium battery that lasts up to two years with minimal maintenance.


We are constantly working to improve our advanced LeashView firmware. With regular updates you will always be up to date without even touching the hardware.

Whether it’s retail, transportation or facilities tracking. LeashView helps you to find and implement the best strategies to increase efficiency and raise overall profit.

BLE Software

Businesses in today’s corporate landscape need to be able to track and locate valuable mobile assets at a moments notice; there has never been more demand for transparency. Accurate location data helps management not only track items but also manage compliance, servicing and depreciation. LeashView web based software allows staff to access location data and view it on a live floor plan from any device with a web browser. Printing reports, managing compliance and usage data has never been easier.

  • Multiple log ins
  • Customisable reports
  • Asset history
  • Customised reports

The  our software is built to work in any web browser. It can viewed on any  desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Number of assets per router

Number of asset entries per router

Time asset detected by router

Asset time per router

Bluetooth Beacons

Leash It’s unique Bluetooth (BLE) Asset Tracking solution extends tracking well beyond the capabilities of RFID or GPS. Our software and devices work seamlessly to track, manage and maximise the utilisation of high value assets. Regardless of what you would like to track, Leash It’s Real Time Locating System (RTLS) will provide your business with the insights you require. Our UX team takes great care in designing all our solutions to fit the client’s specific needs, whether it’s mobile medical devices in hospitals, shipping containers in ports or car fleets.

Our solution utilises Wi-Fi to BLE wireless gateways, BLE Leash’s and cloud based servers. Each BLE Leash contains a unique ID that users can identify to a specific asset. Communication between the Leash’s and gateways is customisable and can be set to 1 second, 5 seconds and even daily calls with accuracy being as close as half a metre.

As our RTLS uses a low powered BLE frequency it does not disturb or interfere with other frequencies, making it ideal for sensitive facilities such as hospitals.

Business Solutions

LeashView collects all the location data and provides the user with an easy to use interface. Knowing the location of all your valuable assets 24/7 enables you to make more informed decisions, in many organisations, the under utilisation of assets can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. More informed buying decisions enables businesses to stay efficient and agile, leading to better utilisation of valuable assets. Knowing the location of assets also helps with managing compliance regulations, the Leash It software allows rules to be applied which alert management if a device has not been returned after a certain period.

Health Care

Use LeashViews operating system to optimise current processes of your staff and inventory to reduce running costs and increase profit at your health care centre or hospital. Mobile medical equipment is extremely valuable yet 15% goes missing each year and another 40% is being under utilised.

  • Management system for both staff and inventory at once
  • Know your inventory’s position through crowd based asset-tracking
  • Be informed about usage of your assets
  • Increase staff efficiency through task integration into ongoing processes
  • Have records of past staff tasks, routes, inventory positions, and usage

Facilities Management

Use location based-data to optimise your facilities’ staff tasks and inventory usage while processing customer orders.

  • Improved security of mobile assets through realtime asset tracking and alerting, resulting in reduced capital expenditure and lower insurance premiums.
  • Optimise inventory’s maintenance based on detailed information about usage and running times.
  • Create a communication network which links management, staff, and inventory; and can be managed by one single dashboard
  • Be informed about usage of your assets